Yaron Brook Blasts the Mainstream Media’s ‘Laughable’ Coverage of Tax Reform

From TheBlaze:

In this podcast clip from the “The Yaron Brook Show,” Yaron analyzes the new tax bill and laments the biased coverage it has received from mainstream media.

“Suddenly, for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post to be concern about the deficit — these people are never concerned about the deficit when you’re talking about increasing spending. No, then the deficit is stimulative,” Yaron said. He compared that to the media’s reaction to proposed reduced tax rates. “Increasing the deficit through lowering taxes? Now that is horrible,” mocked Yaron.

Yaron also pointed out that the media seems gravely concerned over the fact that no one in Congress could realistically have read the 500-page bill up for vote. This has happened before, namely with Obamacare, but the media seemed wholly unconcerned at that time.

“The coverage, I find is quite entertaining, horrific, and reflective of just the lunacy which is our media today,” said Yaron. “The bias, the complete and utter shamelessness — how partisan they absolutely are.”

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