Yaron Interviewed: On Strike, Unraveling the Misconceptions of Ayn Rand

Yaron Brook joins Michael Malice for a discussion on why Objectivism as an organized movement is more popular now than when Ayn Rand was alive, the story behind Yaron’s contentious interview on the Jesse Lee Peterson show, the validity or lack thereof for criticisms of Rand’s philosophy, whether or not Objectivism is an open or close system and what the nature of it is, whether or not a woman should aspire to become Commander in Chief of the armed forces, the misinterpretation of Rand and Locke’s “blank slate” philosophies, the steps we take as infants to develop a sense of object permanence, plus some of the worst reactions to Ayn Rand’s works that Yaron has encountered throughout his career, and so much more!

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Recorded by Michael Malice as part of the Your Welcome podcast and released on September 22, 2021.

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