Yaron Brook Keynote: The Motor of the World

In this virtual keynote, Yaron discusses the innovations and opportunities that make our times a success. The rebellion of Atlas, the famous novel by Ayn Rand, is the story of a man who says that he will stop the engine of the world, and he does. As we do so, the world begins to deteriorate, factories close, lights go out, trains stop, and all those goods and services that make our lives abundant, rich and entertaining become scarce. In the midst of a great crisis, with a mixture of despair and hopelessness, people begin to wonder Who is John Galt? At this AynRandCon’21, we will answer the question.

This conference analyzes who is the engine of the world and why in Latin America we punish those who produce so much. We saw how the producers themselves unintentionally promote their own punishment. We explain why entrepreneurs need philosophy and embrace a new morality. We discuss how to stop this direct path to Rise of Atlas and how best to get the world’s engine running again. We project the future that we could have if we can remove the chains that hold it back. Finally, we show a possible way to achieve the future we dream of. To see the entire conference go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJi_DFR77SI&t=1552s.

This Keynote was part of the ARCon-LA hosted by Ayn Rand Center Latin America on December 4, 2021.

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