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Become a recurring Show supporter for as little as $10 per month!  Other levels available upon request.

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If you are looking to stay in the know on show schedules, tour dates, private events and more as well as engage with Yaron beyond SuperChat, a monthly subscription through our membership platforms is the answer: Patreon, Subscribestar or Locals. These are also the best place to engage with others, get monthly notifications to your inbox, take polls and post on topic threads.

Sponsor a Topic or Series

Interested in sponsoring an entire show or series?

How does a topic / series sponsorship work? You pick a topic and choose whether to pay for a one-off topic or a series. A series would be a monthly show for a set number of months determined by you. A call or email communication between you and Yaron is set in motion to fine tune the topic, select a show title, and schedule the date or scope of the series run. The day of your episode, tune in, engage with questions if you like and enjoy the show!

Past series have been Living Objectively and Rules for Life. Past topics have covered everything from parenting, to courage, truth, honesty, building a good life, ethics in business, pride and more.

Sponsorships are available in the form of topic sponsor, series sponsor, group sponsor, and Super Chat sponsor.    Contact us for more information at AskYaron[at]

Match Super Chat Funds

Want to inspire the Super chat bidding war? How do the SuperChat Matches work?  Starting matches are $500, and can go up from there.  Pools have also been done to create a bigger and more exciting pot.  While similar to the Sponsorship, Matches provide more hands-on excitement.

  1. Pay a one-time payment to PayPal, note $xxxx SuperChat Match Sponsor in the comment field.
  2. If you are matching $1500 or more, you have an opportunity to pick a topic.  Make sure it is a topic that will attract, excite and engage viewers.  Yaron reserves the right to change topic to better attract questions.
  3. Once the topic is settled, Yaron will pick a date and inform you so you can egg on the action in the chat (not required, but it sure helps!).  Yaron will also egg on the chatters and give callouts to let them know you are matching (if you prefer, you can ask to remain anonymous).

Manage your Support [PayPal]

To change your support or if you originally registered as a member through our old membership system, you can make changes using these steps:

To modify, pause or suspend your subscription, you will first need to login to your PayPal account and then modify your recurring payments.

1. Log onto the PayPal website using your email address and password. 

2. Once logged in, click on the small gear icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen to go to the settings page. 

3. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, click on “Payments.”

4. Under “Automatic payments,” click “Manage automatic payments.” 

5. Under the “Automatic Payments” header on the left-hand side of your screen, look for the business whose subscription you want to cancel and click on it. 

6. Next to “Status,” you’ll notice the word “ACTIVE” in green text. Click the “Cancel” button next to it to cancel your subscription. 

7. From the pop-up that appears, click “Cancel Automatic Payments” to confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription.