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How Should We Confront Income Inequality?

June 1 @ 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm SMT


Equal is Unfair Dialogue Series event with Yaron Brook and Leong Sze Hian. The event is open to the public and registration is required. Event hosted by Philosophy of Life.


Part II: How should we confront income inequality?
1 June Sat 3 – 5.30 PM
Aliwal Arts Center, 28 Aliwal St

In light of Prof. Teo You Yenn’s book, This is What Inequality Looks Like, Singapore has been depicted by some as a ruthless and unforgiving place for those who fall through the cracks. Prof. Tommy Koh has even called our income distribution “a moral disgrace”.

Through a constructive dialogue between Yaron Brook and Leong Sze Hian, we shall adjudicate the claims of inequality critics in Singapore and the narrative that Singapore’s economic success has come at the cost of the poor. Leong Sze Hian is the former President of Maruah, a Singapore NGO on human rights, and an author of 4 books.

Equal is Unfair Dialogue Series

In 2018, the issue of income inequality struck a chord with many Singaporeans. Channel NewsAsia has reported that class divided Singaporeans more than race or religion. In Oxfam International’s inequality index, Singapore is ranked in the bottom 10th percentile. In light of these developments, much doubt has been cast the moral underpinnings of our economic success.

To cultivate a healthy conversation about income inequality, The Philosophy of Life is eager to invite Yaron Brook to Singapore for a 2-part dialogue series on 30 May and 1 June 2019.

Yaron Brook is an award-winning Israeli-American author and his book, Equal is Unfair, is an Amazon bestseller. He is also the chairman of the prestigious Ayn Rand Institute and has his own show on YouTube, The Yaron Brook Show, to connect with his fans worldwide.

Yaron Brook aims to reframe our perspectives on income inequality with uncomfortable but vital questions such as:
— What is the role of government and businesses in relation to inequality?
— Can inequality ever be fair and just in a society?

[What’s in it for me?]

Stay informed! For a ticket price of $10, you can enjoy access to BOTH talks in series.

Details on Part I: Is capitalism moral? :

Inequality is not a subject we can afford to neglect to discuss. Apart from setting the tone of our economic policies, it defines our stance towards education, entrepreneurship, etc. and how we relate to others across the SES (socio-economic strata) spectrum.

The series is a fantastic opportunity for you to challenge your perspectives and take home with you some novel insights on politics and economics from Yaron Brook.


Philosophy of Life
Ayn Rand Institute


Aliwal Arts Center
28 Aliwal Street, Multipurpose hall 199918 Singapore + Google Map