Debate: Selfishness is a Virtue, Yaron Brook vs Gene Epstein; Judge Napolitano

Is selfishness a virtue? Ayn Rand certainly thought so and projected this value through her novel’s characters by having them declare: “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man.”  Yet society says Rand and her Objectivist followers are wrong to valorize selfishness, and lays guilt on those who don’t conform to altruistic values and the viewpoint which forces one to live first for others.

Yaron Brook and Gene Epstein toe the line in this debate on selfishness. Yaron Brook, the chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute takes defense fighting that Selfishness is not only just, it is a virtue. Gene Epstein, the co-founder and moderator of the Soho Forum, oppose the notion that selfishness is a virtue. Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News’ senior judicial analyst and the author moderates the debate.

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